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Two Days in February

Everything's wrong...but, it's all right


Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005
Who am I?
Charlene: That crazy girl in your bushes that's always cackling and seems to be constantly making evil plots.
But what does that matter? You'll never ever know because this is a friends only journal! Mwaha!
Now for the important stuff!

Rachel is Charlene's bestest friend in the whole wide universe and in some places otherwise!
I'm an absolute sucker for crossovers!!!

check out xechox for awesome-ness in the form of Icons!

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I <3 Comic books and I can't stand stupid people.
I like to write. XD
And I love smileys!
I am also the inventor of the Shannon Leto Smiley:

It's mine!

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